Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm begin forgotten by my family....
Totally sad to the MAX!!!!!

How could them be so easily forgotten me??
HAIZ X100!!!!!!

My heart totally sunk into the deep blue sea..
I couldn't find a words to speak up for their action..
It totally hurts into my heart..

I don't want to talk!!
The feeling is really ttm.....


Thursday, June 10, 2010


ARG!!!!! tdy paper i did very very badly...
i take it too lightly already..
everything just happen too fast and past!!

I regretted!!
totally very disappointed and depress now..
whole heart sunk into deep blue sea..

my heart is freeze up once again..
i doesn't want to talk, i doesn't want to know...

suyu :((

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 days to F3

my first acca paper is only 3 days away..
stress is all over head and body..
good luck to me pls...

i really need the luck to pass..
congrat ettrick pass his F1..
really hope i could make it thro..

i think i have to quit ntuc soon...
really need a full time job with fix hr and fix monthly income..

sebas, ettrick and meiying...
let work hard for exam okay??



Thursday, June 3, 2010

4th day of study week~

have no conclusion on my revision..
wat i can say it only SUX!!!!!
too last min...

i feel nothing can go in my brain..
stress is climbing all over my head..
it killing me soon~

thanks jerome for teaching me ytd..
own u one meal...
will find u out after my exam okay??

sebas is coming out to study tgt,
due to my laziness...

okay la..
revision start again~


Thursday, May 13, 2010

secret that have to keep to myself~~

i feel that i made the wrong choice again..
so sorry~

not to comment much better..


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


stress is climbing up to my head....
i feel so stress and helpless!!

dunno wat i have been doing in class...
everything seem to do understand in class but when doing self revision,
nothing come to my mind...~


i really dunno how am i going to pass my exam like that.
hope there really miracle lo...

thanks wk giving some encouraging words.
"The word impossible comes from the word i'm possible.... "


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


it has be something that every week i looking forward for...
but time passes, it had changed!!
it becoming something that i hate or i dont want to care anymore..

hate it so so so much because of "HIM"

I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pls fuck off from my sight,
i doesn't want to talk to you...
pls fuck off far far away from me...
i wont know what i doing if i'am not in good mood...
you better dont come towards me and talk rubbish to me!!
i will mayb kick your ass and walk off....



Monday, March 22, 2010

Complicated feeling....

Wanted to take out my book and study,
end up playing computer the whole day again!!

When i can really stop this bad habit..??
Tml work, den wed off..

Next 2 week Monday class has move forward to 9.30am instead of 10am.

My F1 really cannot make it sia..
Hope there someone can really explain to me what does those English really mean..

Hate theory so much..
But I have no choice...
I need the cert, so MUST STUDY!!

Hope I'll open out my book and start study ba..


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 March 1.48am

Feel so emo at this moment..
feeling so down out of sudden..
feel like crying, feel like everything sunk into the deep blue sea..

shoulder start to be tends again..
when can i go thro this period?
have i really make the correct choice?
is that what i want?

I really wonder how long this will it be..
I'm really feel so so so stress!!
Can somebody lend me a big shoulder??

How I wish there is....


1.53am, think I go sleep liao ba..
tml 10am to 1pm class,
5pm to 10.30pm work..
wonder when will this stop??


Friday, March 5, 2010

5th day of March!!

so happy ya, i finally got my pay come in.
waited for 1month plus...
since 21Jan i haven't got any $$ coming in lo..

now finally feel relief..
shoulder not so heavy suddenly =)

gonna work hard ya..
ntuc pay is not bad ya..
like the ppl there..
all so friendly...
aunty so nice.. =D


gonna study really hard now..
i can slowly feel the stress that coming in..
god, please bless me i can pass 3 paper tgt..
so to move on to next level....


Monday, March 1, 2010

1st of March!

It was March already!!
tis year, really pass very very fast..
now already MARCH!!!

i haven't being studying and saving any $$ up..
dunno whether i can safety pass my paper and able to continue with paper 4 to 6..

see how ba..
it so so so hard!!!

gonna study hard!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enjoy single life

Actually being single is also not a very bad choice..
kind of like it..
no stress, no quarrel, no jealousy, etc.....

Slack at home since 2plus after school..
Now waiting time to go training! =)
My motivation not to get lazy..

Today lesson was good ya..
Kind of understand what lecturer teaching =)
Due to some was learn in ITE.

Thanks so much to ITE teacher..
Make me do so so so many revision or pass year paper, until now some of the question that appeared i can do it =)

Actually going ITE wasn't a bad one..
So be positive going ITE, cos u learn more than what was taught outside =)

Off to training..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

home sweet home 2nd day

2day at home..
kind of bored..
every night my father and his fren mahjong session..

Don't know what are my feeling now..
no words can explain it out..



Saturday, February 20, 2010


feeling are all over my eyes...
tonight are lonely..

wonder this is my start or our end?

I don't know you notice any changes in ur hse a not,
but in my msg already clearly said..

none a words from you that i am waiting for..
getting more disappointed every min and hr...

fren can only can be fren, how could it become that way?
have you ever think of my feeling saying that?

if i nvr saw it, so izzit mean you gonna continue happily do that?
what am i to you??

you still have to mood to slp..

i feel i can't hold on tis anymore..
enough of hurts from you..
my tears are like free flow..

i doesn't want cry anymore..
hate the sour feeling around my heart..
hate the person that don't know it hurts me..

hate myself MORE!!!!!
fuck to hell..


Thursday, February 11, 2010


my first post in the morning for 2010.
thanks to myself so hardworking..
waking up so early..

no la!!!
actually is eileen's message wake me up.

Later going shopping and lunch with her =D
think she has waited very long liao..

not yet buy new year cloth...
dunno where the $$ come to buy oso..

nvm lo..
see how ba..


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Such a long date to my salary


I'm dying without $$$$$$$$
my salary please come fast!!
I really dying soon...

Study are still okay..
but no revision was done yet..
due to lazy and have computer to use.
and tt why i'm updating my blog =D

Almost the whole week working 5 to 10.20pm..
But ytd was drag until 11pm den off to go..
so ke lian..
plus no transport back home..

lucky i staying at daniel hse.
if not i really need to walk back to hougang.
I think tt will kill me man..

Hope today 10pm can close counter and by 10.20pm finish counting all my sales...
Even tml no school but i feel, i'm lack of sleeping time..
Dark circle are more and more dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think CNY I'll scare ppl with my dark circle ba..

need to nap awhile before i go work.


Friday, February 5, 2010



my time since like going up side down..
night was like morning to me and morning are night to me..

very hard to get into slp in the night..
mayb something are running thro in my mind..

i dunno why, or wat wrong with me..
something seem like changing..


dunno where to start and how to end..
let nature take it cause ba..

hope it won't get worst..

tml 4pm to 10pm working..
not sure oso..

hope my salary can faster come.
i really not enough to support myself liao..



Thursday, February 4, 2010

4th day of feb..

time passed so fast!
now is already 2nd month of 2010.
but yet, i haven't do any revision on my study.

kind of lazy, no mood, disappointed and etc and etc..

lost of motivation to do anything that in mind.
hate the feeling of fail in life..

doesn't want see that words in my life.
as time go by, when we are big..
this words tend to be appearing everywhere!!!!!

hope i can walk out if it...
now the most important thing is my study and work hard for $$..
dunno when this kind of life will end....??

god, led me thro pls..
I'm kind of lost in my way already..
why aren't u standing beside me??


hope this difficult period will pass thro fast.
i feel like i cant catch up my breadth already..


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tis words appeared again..!!

super sad la..
did one careless mistake in circuit and FUCK the honda white car that just cut into my lane when i was doing right turn.. end up turning into the wrong lane..

alot of minus point when driving outside..

try again on 23 April..
it is super long..
but no choice..

stupid me, choice 8.25am again..

hope the next one will be a better one ba..


Monday, February 1, 2010

TP tml...........................


today can't do parking properly and even srew up everything in the circuit...

uncle get inpatient with me..

Hope tml will be okay..


first post for 2010

1 Feb 2010
& it's my first post for the year 2010...

anyway nobody bother to see oso...
it was a busy year for me..
need to study, work and car prac...

hope my TP on 2 Feb will go thro la..
If not i really had a hard time..

The whole feb is been planned to work..

Bo pian la..
No $$

Hope can fine even better jobs la..
Dunno will i pass my Paper 1 a not...
always say want study..
end up play fb or Internet...

recently very stress...
dunno why oso..
stress until like when on the bus listening to music..
tears will start roll down by itself...

hope tis kind of period will go thro fast....
I really cant take it anymore....!!

Tml must must must must go pray for my Tuesday TP!!!
if really go thro at least it not so tight for me..

Have no idea when the stupid Subway manager will reply my msg and ask me return my stuff...
I really hate working @ subway lo..
Everything need to do..

like hell lo..
at least now working at ntuc, althought is busy like hell..
but at least i'm just cashier..

no need do so much thing..


hope $$ will drop from the sky la huh...
i gonna dream of tt soon...



Friday, December 11, 2009

Monday works =)

Half happy and half sad..
Don't know going back is a good thing or bad thing??
Anyway i'm paid to go back.
So never mind ya.
Just 2 weeks very fast pass =)

So happy actually going back to the department where I love to work with them.. =D
Never fails to joke together always!!

Hope going back was not a bad one.
Don't think too much ya!!
I going back to help only, shouldn't be very hush too...

4 Jan is my first lesson for ACCA.
Kind of nervous when the time get nearer...
Hope I could cope the 3 papers.
After the first 3 papers I really need a full time ya.
Pray hard everything go smoothly for me..!!

JIA YOU everyone that study or work de.. =)
Let work hard together for better future!
(errr... i think got spelling error =X )


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boring night!!

It was a week again..
Until now still didn't manage to find a part time job.

Really gone case lo..
Kind of don't feel like finding and work..
But I have to no matter what..

Tired of this kind of life!!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

A kind of not happy!!

After 3days of leaving JTB, a lot calls has been receiving..
Kanna a bit not happy lo.

Already teach the new staff what have to be do, yet still calling up asking this and that..
I don't get it, why he cant do it lo.
The previous person who teach me do Guide Payroll, only guide me ONE TIME!!
And I can do it the next time myself, why he can't..??
Where all the notes are there.

When teaching, I'm the one doing so that he can write the note, but yet he want be the one who hand on, so I let him be.
Den yet he doesn't remember anything he did before..

I don't understand where is my teaching matters go wrong or where the hell he don't understand lo..
I fucking not happy where picking up all the calls from him EVERYDAY!!

He is fucking show off and HL that he seem everything knowing.
But when come to do, NOTHING HE KNOW!!!


I going get mad soon..!!

Although I did agree that you can call me, but I didn't know that, you called me EVERYDAY!!
Asking the same question on Guide Payroll..

I've pass you the whole stack of notes on the step of doing Guide Payroll.
Why can't you just see the fucking step??


I gonna get a part time job and start working IMMEDIATE!!!
Hate picking up his call.
My every teaching you keep say: "OH..... I know how to do liao" .
Den end up after I left, you keep disturbing me..!!!


Going not balance in my heart soon.

Fuck off..


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daniel new toy...

This Daniel new toy..
Expensive new toy lo..
Hope this will use long na..

So boring at home..
Anyone intro job..??

Suyu ")

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st Day of Jobless Life

1st Dec,
1st day of jobless life start.

Actually quiet boring staying at home surfing net..
tiring day.
but anyway i already quited.
no more thinking of it..

The last day where out off office, i'm so so freaking rush..
Didn't remember that I want take picture with my colleagues.
End up forgetting everything I want do on my last day.


Never mind la..
Fated to be like that.
Hand over just anyhow do it oso..

Didn't really had time for myself with my computer the last day =(

Anyway ALL IS OVER.......................

No need every morning waking up and drag my body to the toilet and wash up..
At least now I can sleep more longer..
More time on msn, facebook or even cross stitch =)


I miss my colleague..
Although sitting in office doing thing that I don't like.
But I still like all colleague over there..
Everyone is so so so good to me..

Treating me like a little gal.

Really BIG THANKS to everyone!!!!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009